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This kitchen board is very lightweight and easy to use in nature. Net type holes are placed along one side in order to pour off water, for example, from pot, without spilling its content.FEATURES:Material doesn’t give and absorb flavours and aromas;Safe for use in microwave oven;Dishwasher safe;Floa..
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FEATURES:Curved points hold food firmly;No need to cut fresh branches;Lightweight, yet durable;Made from a single stainless steel wire;Great as fire-poker;Safety cap for easy storage;Hole for cord in safety cap.DESCRIPTION:A number of years ago, a man camping with his grandson took a single length o..
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Brand: Light My Fire Stock: In Stock
Collapsible cup set. Expand to drink, collapse to carry. Works just as well on the hiking trip as in the office!FEATURES:Collapsible;Attached lid keeps beverage warm;Easy to clean;Measuring lines;Microwave safe;Dishwasher safe;BPA FREE.DESCRIPTION:Pack-up-Cup contains 260ml and it perfectly fit..
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Fill up. Drink. Fold up - compact and folding container set for drinks. For two persons. FEATURES:For two persons;Safe for use in microwave oven;Frost resistant;BPA free.Pack-up-Bottle™Folding;Easy to clean and refill;Three separate parts;The standard-size bottleneck gives the possibility to ad..
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Pack´n Eat Kit™ container set contains everything you need for great meals outside home. FEATURES:Easy to put up, does not take much place;Does not contain harmful BPA compounds;Dishwasher safe;Safe for use in microwave oven;Suitable for hot and cold foods.DESCRIPTION:Lightweight, easy to pack ..
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Spice shaker Salt&Pepper Plus™ is for 3 different spices. Durable, waterproof and airtight. It also fits inside Snapbox container! FEATURES:Three refillable parts;Airtight, shock-resistant, waterproof;Fits inside Snapbox container in MealKit;Floats;Safe for use in microwave oven;Dishwasher ..
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 Light and easy to use plastic box great to use outdoors. It will be great to use in hikes and travel.FEATURES:Contains 170.Microwave safe.Dishwasher safe.Floats.Waterproof.Stackable.BPA FREEEasy to cleanDESCRIPTION:Great container for taking with necessary things, when going to have a rest. Tw..
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Lightweight and easy for use plastic container for use in air conditions. This container will be very useful for rest in a nature, for example, in boating or hiking.FEATURES:Safe for use in microwave oven;Dishwasher safe;Floats;Easy to clean;Material doesn’t give and absorb flavours and aromas;BPA f..
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STAINLESS STEELWe use Stainless steel for the blades.KNIFES:Nr. 112 - Paring knife, Nr. 113 - Serrated knife, Nr. 114 - Vegetable knife, Nr. 115 - Peeler...
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STAINLESS STEELStainless steel is an alloy steel. The addition of chromium increases its resistance to corrosion. Stainless steel does not require any special maintenance.HANDLEBeech is the most commonly used wood for the manufacture of Opinel handles. From France, our beech is hard, durable and eas..
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Optimus Terra Lite HE Cook Set
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Brand: Optimus Stock: Out Of Stock
SPECIFICATIONS:Material: Hard anodized aluminumWeight: 450 gDimensions: 10.5 x 21 cm..
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Brand: Outwell Stock: In Stock
SPECIFICATION:Material: Plastic and silicone Size unfolded: Food box S: 7 x 9.5 cm / Food box M: 7 x 13.5 cm..
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