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Tactical Slings

TT Gun Sling TT Gun Sling
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Brand: Tasmanian Tiger Stock: Out Of Stock
Simple weapons carrier strap with a quick adjustment. Can be used as a single sling.SPECIFICATION:Size: 180 x 2.5 cmWeight: 115 gMaterial: Polyester Webbing..
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TT Rifle Sling TT Rifle Sling
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Brand: Tasmanian Tiger Stock: In Stock
The functional weapon sling was desigend on the basis of the G36 standard sling. Developed and tested by an international team of experts, it garantuees fast and safe movement of the weapon into position.ĪPAŠAS IEZĪMES:Based on a standard  G36  belt;Two metal connection hooks;;Width o..
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TT Tactical Sling TT Tactical Sling
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Brand: Tasmanian Tiger Stock: In Stock
Functional 3 point gun sling.FEATURES:Two metal connection hooks;;Width of belt is 25 mm;25 mm plastic mounting clip;Adjustable size.Fast and easy weapon position swap.SPECIFICATION:Weight: 150 gMaterial: Poliester..
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