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RFID Block Series

Tatonka Folder RFID B Tatonka Folder RFID B
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Durable and secure wallet for travel or everyday use.FEATURES:CRYPTALLOY® protects personal information by effectively blocking RFID frequenciesDifferent drawers for cards and cashSmall zippered pocket for coins..
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Tatonka Money Box RFID B Tatonka Money Box RFID B
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Brand: Tatonka Stock: Out Of Stock
Travel wallet with read protection. The integrated CRYPTALLOY® foil protects against data theft via RFID.FEATURES:Small zipped pocketInsert pockets in various sizesOpens out, with hook-and-loop fasteningFits to ID cardBest RFID scan protection with TÜV certified RFID blocking material CRYPTALLOY®Shi..
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Brand: Tasmanian Tiger Stock: In Stock
DESCRIPTION:Read-protected cover for EU-Passport and other cards with a hook-and-loop fastener.Click here to get to the TT Passport Safe RFID B certificate...
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Brand: Tasmanian Tiger Stock: In Stock
FEATURES:Coin compartmentBank card compartmentClear pocket for your ID cardClosed with a zipperRFID protectionAPRAKSTS:Durable wallet with RFID protection, will secure your bank cards, ID cards from being read.  RFID is the use of radio waves to read and capture information stored on a tag..
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