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We offer three choices on how to receive Your order:

Receive order In-Store

  • Place: store, 88 Tallinas street
  • Time: business days from 10.00 -19.00 and Saturdays from 10.00 - 16.00

Receive in OMNIVA parcel machine

  • Costs: 4 eur (Latvia-Latvia) and 10 eur (Between Baltic States)
  • Place: 500+ places across The Baltic States
  • Time: Available 24h a day and any day of the week
  • Especially good option if You are looking for the cheapest delivery option and parcel machines are nearby. 
  • Limitations: Max item size 39 x 38 x 64 cm up to 30 kg.

Delivery using a courier

  • Costs: costs can change depending on weight and delivery location
  • Costs: 10 eur (within Territory of Latvia)
  • Time: Business days. The courier will contact You to arrange delivery details.
  • This is the best option if You live far away from major cities or the item is very large/heavy. 

To find out about delivery options in other countries, please contact OutdoorTactics.Eu store by email: or call us: +371 20778880

Max item size: length of one side1,5m, the sum of diameter and length of the side is 3m. Max weight is 3kg.

*Costs can change from the above-mentioned prices if the delivery company has changed their prices.

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